Caring for Cut Roses

0 Posted by - January 31, 2013 - Gardening Tips
rosesinvase-274x300With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be receiving (or giving) a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut roses. Caring for cut roses and keeping them fresh longer is easy if you follow a few basic tips.
  • Recut the stems. Use a sharp knife and cut at a 45-degree angle, so there will be maximum surface area for the stems to drink water through. Some florists advise recutting the stems underwater. Try this technique, or buy an inexpensive gadget, called an "underwater stem cutter". This is a jar with a lid that has a hole to insert the stem into for slicing, and a sharp cutting knife.
  • To improve the vase life of cut roses and to keep the roses fresh longer, immerse their stems in warm water immediately after cutting.
  • Strip off any leaves that would otherwise be immersed in the vase water.
  • Put the recut stems back into a bucket or jar of water as you go. Let them stand for several hours or over night, so that they can draw up plenty of water.
  • Add a packet of flower perservative. To increase the life of your cut roses, fill the vase with a solution of one-half can of lemon lime soda and one half water. A few drops of bleach will help keep the water clear and fresh. Change the water-soda solution daily. Or, try adding a penny or two to the water to preserve the flowers longer.
  • Don't display the bouquet in a hot room or in direct sunlight. Make a habit of moving the flower vases to a cooler spot, even the refrigerator, each night to keep roses fresh as long as possible.