We deliver!
Whether you need loam, mulch, compost or plants we're happy to bring it right to you. Delivery is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday through Sunday. The following rates are applicable to Scarborough, South Portland and Cape Elizabeth. If you live outside of this area we will do our best to deliver. Additional charges may apply, please call for more details.



$52/cubic yard delivered

Nutri-Mulch is a superior mulch for improving any landscape. Manufactured from aged native Maine bark and earthlife™ compost, its dark color and rich texture are ideal for perennials, ornamentals, and around trees and shrubs. Unlike conventional bark mulches, there is no need to remove Nutri-Mulch prior to the next application. Simply rake into soil and re-mulch.

Dark Mulch

$48/cubic yard delivered

Jolly Gardener Dark Mulch is a well aged blend of pine, spruce and fir bark. It is a rich, dark brown color and is great when used to accent brightly colored flowers. Made and shipped from Poland Spring.

Apply an even layer approximately 2-4” deep. When applied at this average thickness, 1 cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 square feet. Like any mulch, it should be applied up to, but not touching the stems or stalks of plantings.


Benson's Farm Surf & Turf Organic Compost

$52/cubic yard delivered

Benson Farm high quality compost is made from a blend of ingredients from farm, forest, field and ocean sources to maximize the diversity of nutrients available for thriving plants. Lobster shells are their “secret ingredient,” providing both added value to soil structure and a visual reminder of our connection to our community.
The Benson's composting process meets the standards of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection their products are approved by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) for use on certified organic gardens.


Screened Loam

$39/cubic yard delivered

Double screened loam from Bayley Hill Farm in Scarborough is a perfect blend of field loam, elk manure, and a little sand. Perfect for building new garden beds, mixing with compost for veggie gardens or spreading on bare patches in the lawn for new seed.