We Grow Naked!

Adds-templateAt Highland Avenue Greenhouses & Farm Market, we have been growing all our own vegetables, annuals and perennials using no synthetic pesticides for four years now. We work with Nature, not against it. Instead of chemicals, we use beneficial insects.
Not all insects are harmful to your garden; in fact, many are beneficial and are an important part of the ecosystem. Chemicals used to eliminate insects do not discriminate between the good bugs and the bad ones. You can limit the damage done to beneficial insects and, at the same time, keep harmful chemicals out of the environment by practicing organic pest control.
Natural insecticides made from plants like the pyrethrum daisy (Tanacetum coccineum) are used very effectively and are a major force in the bad bug patrol. Pyrethrum, rotenone, and sabadilla are a few of these botanicals, which disperse quickly and do not leave residues.
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